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Nina and I are planning for a video we will be shooting on Friday, my brother’s birthday.

Can’t wait to shoot. 

xo Doy

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Baguio Day 1

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Came back form Beany’s birthday in Fun Ranch!! Actually, we came back from Meralco since we went there after Bean’s birthday to see the pretty lights.

I got super duper dizzy because of Edgar. We were on the wooden bridge thingy that was made by wood (duh) and rope stuff. Edgar kept bouncing and jumping on it and every time I tell him to stop, he wouldn’t. Hence me being dizzy. 

Now I’m sick.

Nina and I are in my house :3 She’s using the white Mac, while I’m using the pink one aw. Dad’s telling us to sleep because we have school tomorrow but no thanks, dad. 

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We’re so far apart though haha.

Happy new year!!

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I love this picture :—) 

Love you, Dom!!

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